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Digital marketing is a broad discipline that encompasses different fields such as SEO, Social Media Marketing, or SEM. Therefore, it is important to be familiar with each tool provided to take advantage of its functions.

One of the most important and rapidly evolving fields in recent years has been content creation within social media.

Currently, every business requires an online presence to be visible. However, the type of digital content to produce will depend a lot on the industry and target audience.

The company not only wants to sell but also aims to retain the customer and build loyalty. Factors influencing this include the quality of the product or service offered, customer service, and a way to keep attracting customers through the creation of quality content.

A faster way to grow is through content. Nowadays, commerce is entirely online, regardless of its size. All businesses need more than just an online presence; they need a real content strategy plan to achieve their goals.

Guidelines for creating content:

Before creating any type of content, it is essential to consider that its effectiveness will depend on having an audience that generates views and interaction. Another detail to consider is that each social network has a different audience profile, and it is necessary to know what type of content interests them the most. This knowledge also allows defining whether it is better to focus on written or audiovisual content.

Generate your content plan:

  • Understand your audience: comprehend the needs and weaknesses of your audience to strategically create what is needed for improvement. Without information, it is difficult for your customers to know your business. 
  • Identify what your customer needs to know about your company: your services or products, benefits, locations, costs โ€“ everything necessary to generate interest in getting to know you more.
  • Use digital formats that help understand the information you want to provide. For example, creating consistent, relevant, and reliable content, whether in audio, video, or written articles, will benefit the growth of your business. The more creative, the more reach and interest you can generate.

Benefits of creating digital content:

  • Introduce your brand
  • Acts as a filter for potential clients
  • Generates interaction with created content
  • Builds a database
  • Allows you to connect with your clients without the need to be physically present
  • Generates and increases sales
  • Sets you apart from the competition
  • Enables the creation of marketing and advertising strategies through content creation
  • Builds trust

Digital content was created with the specific goal of attracting web traffic and potential customers to a company, brand, or entity. During the planning phase, aspects influencing the decision on how digital content will be developed should be analyzed. Additionally, objectives, publication schedule, and keywords will be defined to achieve the desired outcome of generating digital content.

By: Cristina Garcia (Admin Assistant by Venz Media)ย 

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