Happy employees = happy customers


Inbound marketing is a tool used by companies to carry out promotion and communication among employees so that they feel IDENTIFIED with the brand’s values, products, or services, and thus gain daily motivation in their activities.

​​It is a strategy that attracts the customer with useful, relevant, and valuable content.

This way, potential customers find your company through various channels such as social media, blogs, or SEO, among others.

A good place to work, with a suitable work environment, is not easy or quick to achieve but is built over time through relationships between the company and its employees. The employee experience has a direct relationship with the customer.

After all workers are a key component of inbound marketing, if then are happy with their jobs, they will be true brand ambassadors, and so will the customers.

Advantages of inbound marketing

  1. Happy employee: fosters loyalty to the company, thereby increasing productivity and commitment.
  2. Increase in motivation: motivated employees contribute value and work effectively to ensure the company’s functions are carried out correctly.
  3. Customer loyalty: If a company’s team has a clear customer orientation, the business will find it easier to build loyalty, a vital aspect for any company. Customer loyalty, in turn, allows for the acquisition of new customers with greater ease

Also the marketing of a company or business originates from within, where the main protagonists are its employees. A motivated and valued employee will look after the organization’s interests as but also were their own, which will have a positive impact on the company’s image and the achievement of its goals.

By: Cristina Garcia (Admin Assistant by Venz Media)  

Reference: GRDAR Digital Solution 

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