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David Martin Vences LaCarriere is the Founder/Owner of Venz Media, Venz Print, and Latinos Social.  Creating and Innovating – to help you achieve & surpass your business goals.  Believing is achieving. 
Born in Mexico on November 25th, David Martin Vences LaCarriere, was raised in a loving household with both his parents; growing up he didn’t know that one day his parents would leave everything behind (e.g Careers, family and friends to name a few) and he would become the successful Creative Director/Founder/Owner of his very own businesses.
In 2012 he embarked on his first radio opportunity as a Promotion and Production Assistant where he delved into the world of radio both on the sales, research front and on the production side. It was a very well-rounded position for an entry level ambitious mind like David’s to the point where he could be talking to a big client and then next minute, he is cleaning camera equipment and making a call to get the production vehicle’s tune up scheduled. David would go on to another larger radio station, followed by a national broadcaster, he would be there for 3 years. During his tenure he was able to get more involved in the marketing and creative aspect of his role reporting to the Director of Marketing and Promotions, he was tasked with a daunting endeavor i.e.: Grow our Fan Base on social media they said.  He took the challenge head on and in 9 months the social media followers grew organically and strategically from 18,000 followers to over 100,000 followers. 

The personal challenge begins…David knew he had cracked a code and decided to challenge himself personally.  Could he start a brand-new page and grow the following there too?  He built a page, Latinos Social, on Facebook and grew from 0 followers and surpassed 600,000 followers in record time! He did this in a mere 5 months.  This was the affirmation that he needed to go on and start his own company, but instead he went to work for one of the largest television networks in Latin America, based out of Miami.  He worked at this large network for nearly 2 years, but the entrepreneurial life had more in store for David.
In mid-2019, Latinos Social already in place, he realizes that his multi-media marketing agency needs to have a nice name and while driving in a luxurious side of town he sees a Mercedes Benz dealership and decides his last name is Vences, so how about Venz for short? Venz Media was born in 2020 and has been growing exponentially since inception.  Venz Media has recently begun a National and International expansion with presence in a few US cities and a couple Latin American countries.  The story does not end here, as David plans on being the biggest global brand helping other global brands with innovative ways to invent and reinvent themselves.  Helping entrepreneurs grow exponentially just as he was able to grow Venz Media and Latinos Social and is planning on launching another affiliate brand called Venz Print that will be a multi-media print division to support clients with their custom marketing material from canopies to envelope cutters.  This is something that has been in the works but has not formally launched but is coming quite possibly in 2023 or early 2024.  For David one of the greatest joys of being an entrepreneur is being able to create something that provides creative solutions to business owners that employ several people but also to have the liberty to employ talented individuals that have an aligned foundation to David, but also to be the catalyst for their livelihood.  

Let’s scale your business in 2023 learning from an experienced team and be ready to brand and market your business.


We are the extra time your business needs, we help you and advise you for the development of your brand. Your growth is our growth. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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